the singles

This is where THePETEBOX steps it up. His output is now set and will continue to new singles every two weeks.

Keep checking back to see all the videos 


Songs From The Vaults Artwork.jpg


A collection of songs as interpreted by THePETEBOX, Songs From The Vaults is a diverse mix of genres with Pete's unmistakeable sound binding them together to create a richly textured, unique and innovative presentation. 


Singles and Album can be purchased from all good stores including but not limited to google play, spotify, itunes.


new album

'Use The Fire'
Help me create my new album, I need you to make it happen! CD/DVD and killer videos for each track and a band of ME! I need your pledge to get this project completed. Recorded now towards completion.

future loops album

'Future Loops'  
Album has been sold digitaly over 100k times and has been played on Youtube over 30million times. In essense a live recorded one take beatboxing and live looping long player

Live to Tape ep

'Live to Tape' 
Series #001 saw Pete bring many of his well known song interpretations that
have been smashing dance floors across the globe in his live sets to the recorded domain.