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Use The Fire, the second album from internationally known loop pedal artist THePETEBOX, sees Pete push the boundaries of beatbox on record once again as he takes us on a journey of sonic exploration never heard before. His innovative recording and performance process for this record is presented in a collection of instantly catchy songs, his rock roots shining through as he flexes his well honed and diverse musical muscles through dance beats, rock riffs and brutally honest yet sing a long lyrics.

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the singles

This is where THePETEBOX steps it up. His output is now set and will continue to new singles every two weeks.

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The Strings EP sees THePETEBOX collaborate with brother Ross Sampson a.k.a The Pisces Rising to create a unique presentation of a select few tracks off his Future Loops album for a one off live performance. Ross shines in his role, adding rousing and haunting string arrangements, performed by skilled and accomplished musicians which integrate perfectly with Pete's tracks to create an entirely new experience of listening to Pete's music. The tracks off the EP are performed live at Central St Martins Kings Cross, London. 



Songs From The Vaults Artwork.jpg


A collection of songs as interpreted by THePETEBOX, Songs From The Vaults is a diverse mix of genres with Pete's unmistakeable sound binding them together to create a richly textured, unique and innovative presentation. 



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future loops album

'Future Loops'  
Album has been sold digitaly over 100k times and has been played on Youtube over 30million times. In essense a live recorded one take beatboxing and live looping long player

Live to Tape ep

'Live to Tape' 
Series #001 saw Pete bring many of his well known song interpretations that
have been smashing dance floors across the globe in his live sets to the recorded domain.